TMS Protonotation

I devised a notation system that is a simplified version of the western traditional notation. The intention is to provide an easy way of capturing the final sequence of notes and chords generated by the system. Simplicity and compactness are the principles that guide this notation.

Tempo, time signature, octave ranges, and rhythm are not defined in this notation (as of this current version).

Symbol Meaning
Contour Clockwise Contour movement (clockwise)
Contour Counter-clockwise Contour movement (counter-clockwise)
Skeletal Skeletal movement (left to right)
Reverse Skeletal Reverse skeletal movement (right to left)
Custom Custom movement (random or deliberate)
Seed Seed
Bud Bud
Note A note
Note Sharp Note is sharp
Note Flast Note is flat
Note Up Note is played an octave down
Note Down Note is played an octave up

Protonotation legend

Protonotation legend

Example notation

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