Select a blossom

The first step is to select a blossom. You can select a blossom either deliberately or randomly.

Currently there are 6 blossom types available in the catalog and they come rendered on the blossom staff.

Catalog of blossoms

Catalog of Blossoms

The staff

Below is a blank staff (version 2, 2015):


Select or build a scale

  • Choose any scale you like, whether deliberately or arbitrarily. You may also choose notes to build your scale.
  • Write down the note names of your chosen scale in the staff’s pitch wells in ascending order (lower pitches below, higher pitches above).
  • You may shift the notes of your chosen scale up or down the staff. This produces different and interesting results. For example, if you chose the Radial Blossom, consider placing the root note on the central puncture, and adjust the scale relative to this.

It would help (for sight-reading later on) to write the note names beside each puncture.

Preparing the staff

Select seeds and/or buds

Look for seeds and/or buds that make up the blossom.

Select the best ones and draw them in the smaller staffs.

Chosen seeds must have three distinct notes; buds must have four. Depending on the blossom type some seeds and buds may have re-occuring notes. Same notes that are an octave apart are allowed.

Good seed

Bad Seed

Wave Blossom

"Wave Blossom; A-Minor Locrian", thread and pencil on acid-free paper, 2015. Collection of the artist.

Above is an example of a prepared Tahigami staff (or music sheet). It uses a Wave Blossom; the chosen scale is A-Minor Locrian; and there are 7 seeds selected. Chords and melodies have also been notated (see TMS Protonotation).

Watch this video on Vimeo to see\/hear the Wave Blossom above.

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