Select a blossom

You can select a blossom either deliberately or randomly.

Currently there are 6 blossom types available in the catalog and they come pre-rendered on the blossom staff.

Catalog of blossoms

Catalog of Blossoms

The staff

Below is a blank staff (version 2, 2015):


Select or build a scale

  • Choose any scale you like, whether deliberately or randomly. (You may also choose notes to build your scale.)
  • Write down the notes of your chosen scale in the staff’s note wells (lower notes below, higher notes above).
  • You may adjust the notes of your chosen scale up or down the staff. This produces different and interesting results.

It would help (for sight-reading later on) to write the note names beside each puncture.

Preparing the staff

Select seeds and/or buds

Look for seeds and/or buds that make up the blossom.

Select the best ones and draw them in the smaller staffs.

Chosen seeds must have three distinct notes; buds must have four. Depending on the blossom type some seeds and buds may have re-occuring notes. Same notes that are an octave apart are allowed.

Good seed

Bad Seed

Wave Blossom

"Wave Blossom; A-Minor Locrian", thread and pencil on acid-free paper, 2015. Collection of the artist.

Above is an example of a prepared Tahigami staff (or music sheet). It uses a Wave Blossom; the chosen scale is A-Minor Locrian; and there are 7 seeds selected. Chords and melodies have also been notated (see TMS Protonotation).

Watch this video on Vimeo to see/hear the Wave Blossom above.

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