The ancient Greeks had two words for time – chronos and kairos. Chronos, the one which is most familiar to us, refers to clock time – time that can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years – time that is chronological and sequential. Kairos, the one I am most attracted to, is a more qualitative rather than a quantitative kind of time. Kairos is indeterminate time and is measured in moments, not seconds or minutes. It can be viewed as a more spiritual kind of time.

In theory, because of the nature of a Tahigami blossom, the music it generates can be played in an endless loop, with virtually limitless possibilities and permutations. Tahigami Music then flows with kairos. However, as soon as the musician decides on a melody line, notates it, and records it, then the music is framed or locked into chronos time.

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