Tahigami and Tahigami Music System concept by Datu Arellano

Tahigami Music System Handbook text, illustrations, photos, and art by Datu Arellano

Pencil icon by Muhamad Ulum from the Noun Project


The following people and groups, in some way or another, have contributed to the evolution of Tahigami and Tahigami Music:

  • My family – Donna, Diego, Damian, and Delfin
  • Teny Arellano
  • Agnes Arellano
  • Chris Carandang
  • Kiri Dalena
  • Ling Quisumbing Ramilo
  • Patrick de Veyra
  • Anino Shadowplay Collective
  • Penumbra Music Collective
  • Dirty Kitchen

I also must acknowledge the English visual artist and musician, Brian Eno, who has always been a big inspiration.

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